Week 1 of Business!

One week into running my own wee business and I must say, things are going surprisingly well! I thank you all for reading last week's blog, it got sixty views, which to me seems mad! Sixty of you have read last weeks' ramblings and now you've hopefully come back for more. With nearly 200 views on the website since I launched it, I am flabbergasted. You all shared and liked my Facebook posts beautifully, so thank you all for the publicity!

I also started up an Instagram account @artbyjo_uk, which I am treating as a bizarre experiment. Never having used it, I feel like an old lady navigating the app, BUT I have managed to get all my photos on there and somehow people have found me! Even people from the Netherlands and America, which is just amazing!

So, I launched the website, jumped up and down a LOT, people were texting me, the page was getting likes and then after a day, I began to wonder - will anyone actually ever buy anything I make? It's a little bit terrifying to finally release all the passion and excitement I have for every piece I've painted to everyone in the world and people say "oh that's nice." This is probably the crippling fear that every artist has before they try to sell their work, and I was not immune!

Before I tore my hair out wondering whether I had just made a huge spoon of myself to literally everyone I know... I GOT MY FIRST ORDER! This was very exciting, as I've been asked to make a big cabled blanket, like the blue one on the website but in a lovely traditional oatmeal colour. Thankfully, this has been asked for as a Christmas present, as this kind of blanket can take a loooooong time to knit. If you're ever ordering knitted items, it's always best to give a fair bit of notice.

Then, I got my second order, for a pebble art, and then a third, during which the infamous Martha and John (see blog post 1 for details of their wedding), literally came round to the house and took the painting of the 'Swirl on the Surface' right off the wall!

So it is really happening. My wee tiny business is starting to take off, thanks to people like you sharing my details! So thank you!

Other exciting news this week, is that Sir Ollie has come to stay with us for a few weeks - for anyone that knows me, this is my VERY spoiled Jack Russel, who is 13 years old and loving life, sleeping on various soft furnishing (living the dream!). He accompanied me on a walk to gather some pebbles for pebble art along Loughshore (don't fear environmentalists, I only took a handful!)

In exciting news, a very good friend of mine is getting married in another not-so-lockdown wedding! I'm bridesmaid and making the wedding cake, so tune in for the next blog towards the end of the month for photos of cake and flowers and all sorts. It will be a busy few weeks but really super delighted for them!

So lots happening these days with wedding planning, starting the art business and of course giving Ollie 24/7 attention, so thank you for all your support with the business! Follow me on Instagram if you can (I have yet to master the art of the hashtag but I'll #giveitago ). Check out the most recent addition to the website as well, an acrylic painting of the Mournes viewed from Newcastle beach. I haven't been down that direction in ages, so hopefully will get a day trip soon!

Thanks for reading!


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