Lockdown Wedding!

So! My first blog post! I have decided to start my own business during a recession following a pandemic... a VERY sensible idea I am sure, but here we are, making a go of it. This is something I've wanted to do for quite some time and in some ways, this whole pandemic situation has shown me life is short, so we may as well try to do the things we love!

Planning my own business during lockdown was surprisingly not the most challenging job I had over the past few months - it was in fact, being bridesmaid to one of my best friends, who was supposed to be getting married during this time.

Nobody EVER expects their wedding to be under threat from a global pandemic, and the lovely Martha and John coped better than expected - tears and all. We followed every moment of the news in Northern Ireland, waiting for some sign that they could get married in a small private ceremony. We planned and re-planned, as each announcement was made, thinking into each scenario, how best to accommodate the wedding in the safest way possible, and how to make each option look absolutely fabulous.

In early June then, they had the news that they could get married outdoors in a group of ten people - this was the moment the bridesmaids leapt into action - many videochats later, we had a plan!

On the 13th June, last Saturday, Martha and John became Mr & Mrs, and it was such a beautiful day. Speaking after the event, the duo said nothing could beat their wedding on Saturday, even though they are having a huge celebration in February. The morning of, Martha, the three other bridesmaids and I, collected a huge amount of flowers and took them to the church, where (under the direction of the fabulous Christina), we constructed a flower arch, an aisle made of eucalyptus and flower jars, and made the garden look like a wedding venue fit for royalty.

After we decorated the venue, Martha went off to get ready and I'm sure we would all agree when I say that the bride was stunning! Martha walked down the rose petal aisle towards her soon-to-be husband, on the arm of her Dad, and said the vows that changed their lives forever. They had their first dance and speeches, before literally driving off into the sunset for a photo shoot on the North Coast.

Where, might you ask, does the art come into things?

During a chat about how to best decorate the garden, with a week to turn everything around, the words "Sure I'll paint you a wedding sign if you want?" just came out of my mouth! A wedding sign normally takes a loooooong time to make, my previous one had taken weeks to create, so by the time I walked home I had the time to think "WHAT have I promised this couple?!"

Committing to the project, I went straight to The Art Room (the fancy name I call our spare room!) and got started. Having been involved in the wedding planning, colour theme and all the wedding fun, instinctively I knew which flowers to use, and which colour scheme! I painted the calligraphy first, and decided on a bright sky blue, and surrounding this, painted various greenery and flowers on a pink, purple and blue theme. After a while, I looked at it and realised it looked VERY familiar, and it dawned on me that I had subconsciously been inspired by their wedding invitations. I ran downstairs and grabbed the invitation, which gave me further inspiration to link some smaller details in, such as the berries.

On the day, we used the sign at the front gate to welcome people in, decorating the easel with flowers to add to the whole theme!

It was such a beautiful day, and I was so glad to have been involved in decorating the garden and creating the wedding board for the lovely Mr and Mrs Henry!

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