Christmas Wreath Making

A lovely activity for your Christmas Eve could be making a festive wreath with your family. To start off, you can go for a frosty walk in the forest, to gather holly, ivy, or any other Christmassy evergreens. In this case, visiting a friend's garden turned into me stealing all their garden greenery (thank you Molly!!).

To make your wreath, you'll want to make a rough circle with some branches - I used florist wire and tape to secure the branches together, but you could use any string or wool that you have in the house. Once you have the rough circle, it'll probably look a bit angular, more like a triangle or a square. To soften it into a circle, you can twist some branches around these parts, and it will gradually look more circular. Just keep twisting more holly branches on to the wreath until you're happy with the shape. You can secure these again with more string, tape or wire. If you have gloves, this might be useful to protect your hands from being spiked!

Once you have the basic shape secured, you can add more and more branches until you're happy with the thickness of the wreath. No doubt it will fall apart in some areas as you add more, but just keep securing these weaker areas with wire/tape. Every so often take a step back and check how symmetrical the greenery is (you may want an asymmetrical look, with more greenery at the bottom. Then you can wind some ivy round the wreath, to add to the festive look.

Once you're happy with the greenery, you can add on a few details - in this case I added artificial berries and a few red bells to get the classic red and green colours! You could use anything to accessorise your wreath, like ribbons, Christmas bobbles, lights or pine cones. To hang it, I used a wire loop, but again you could use wool or string. If you have any bits of greenery left behind, you can slot these into the wreath instead of wasting them.

You can make your wreath whatever way you like, small or large, thin or thick, symmetrical or not, classic or covered in gold and sparkles! Get creative and make one to match your home - this would be a lovely activity for Christmas Eve, even as an outdoor activity if you can't go into your family's home. I showed Mum how to make one today and it was so lovely to spend time together making these as we haven't seen each other properly in such a long time.

This is my final Christmas craft for this year, so have a fabulous Christmas wherever you are, and hopefully my videos/blog will have inspired you to get crafty this Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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