Christmas Activities

Tis the season! And what an unusual Christmas it is! Northern Ireland's coronavirus situation is getting more troubling by the day, and we watch the mainland have their 5 days of bubbling cancelled with bated breath to see whether we will be given the same news. However, we must make the best of a bad situation, and spending a bit of time focusing on something that is NOT the news is really good for our mental health.

For me, arts and crafts is a great mindfulness tool, where I just focus on creating something and forget everything else going on in the world. I would recommend putting on some Christmas tunes and following these super simple instructional videos either by yourself or as a family. They are designed to be cheap and accessible, using materials most households would have already.

Click on the links below to follow the tutorials and have a lovely Christmas! xx

Salt dough decorations:

Woolen hat decorations:

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