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Portraits can capture the essence of a person in a more special way than a photograph. The below paintings have mostly been to commemorate people who have passed away, and the connection I've felt with the families is just so unique. Hearing stories of the person and seeing how much they are loved and missed really is a privilege as an artist, as often people don't openly discuss grief. The reactions I've had have been amazing, often a wee tear is shed as the family sees their loved one in art form. To create these pieces, I often use old photographs, and we can discuss the one that works best for you. The clearer the photo, the better.


This acrylic on paper piece was commissioned by a customer, who wanted a painting of her parents as gift for her mother. Sadly, the man in this painting, her husband, passed away a few years ago, so this painting is a small way to commemorate the loving memories that the family have of him. They seem like they were a very loving couple indeed.



This oil on canvas was painted for a customer who wanted a favourite photo of their late father made into a piece of art. Working closely with the person, I was able to capture a much loved figure of their life, and one of his prize rams. I feel so privileged to have created something so important to the client and her sisters, who apparently were in tears when they saw it. That's what art is all about.

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